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December 2021

balticgit Registration for the 2022 Baltic Geospatial Information Technology Conference is officially open!
Get your early b……

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OpenCage scale of complexity of national geographic admin:

Very easy: micro-states ex: 🇱🇮
Normal: (a few admin levels) ex:……

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Встреча осмеров (и Ильи) в Москве: суббота 25 декабря, 14:00 в «Крафтере» на Тверской. Заходите!

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SustainableTall Street in Hyderabad advertising a serious amount of Autocad services

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astroidex The deadline is coming closer. Do not forget to submit your talk for the devroom at 2022.


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sotmus Great news! The State of the Map US Call for Proposals has been extended! You now have until January 9 to submit yo……

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Pinboard The Programmers’ Credo: we do these things not because they are easy, but because we thought they were going to be easy

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@mourner Да, я понимаю, что пост написан с привилегированной точки зрения жителя Москвы и Минска, и такси, автобуса……

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pwramsey The Market Fundamentalist take on OSS: the amount of support is in fact always exactly correct and in balance to th……

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@PavGavrilov Да, на английском для uber/lyft/gett используется ride-hailing. Но несколько лет назад люди не заморачивались :)

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Remembered that I'm not working for Lyft anymore, and restored the 2019 post they asked me to remove.…

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Still sad neither Bryan nor Michal got elected. What we might want is for the OSMF Board to be a part of the commun……

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So is it 12th year for Mikel to serve in OSMF? Out of 14 in total?

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sp8962 @grischard @lalonde @mikel And yes the incumbents got reelected as expected, no once in a decade upset.

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FiloSottile No one is paying the log4j2 maintainers!?

There is a whole page on the responsibilities of a @TheASF "Project Mana……

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osmandapp Great news for Android users!
We're happy to announce the new 4.1 OsmAnd release for Android devices (Google Play)……

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bhousel 👋 Hi! If you're a member of the OpenStreetMap Foundation eligible to vote, today is the last day to cast your ballo……

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bhousel This is the best study I've ever read on toxicity in open source.. If you work with open source or online communiti……

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kelsosCorner Natural Earth version 5 is now live on and AWS public data! New points of view for disputed……

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Needed some data for testing my editor in the OSM Sandbox ( Tired of juggling ids i……

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rkiplagat Africa’s perception war

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@mourner @quincylvania @bhousel Thanks! For now I've ported 1:1, since there are not that many polygons, only 400.……

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To support locationSet in my editor's preset suggestions, I've ported the county-coder library to Dart:……

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