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March 14th, 2013

@sotm Great site! But please mark the venue on the front page map: all I'm seeing are "Gun Quarter" and that strange windmill on a roof.

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sotm Our new website is live!

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14 марта - Международный день рек. На снимке SPOT 4 - река.

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Big thanks to @CocaCola for covering up for @openstreetmap!… (would you share your GPS traces with us, please?)

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Внезапно, гугль выключает Google Reader 1 июля:… Какие альтернативы?

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@timetabling Why? What are the requirements (memory/hdd) for the entire planet? Which area is supported on your demo server?

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MapHugger Bing's stitched-together aerials making for a disarmingly watercolor-esque image.

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